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Group of males with individually crafted hair color

Hey there, we’re Colorsmith.

Let’s get to know each other.

Our story

It all started ten years ago with five friends on a mission to expand the limited options of women’s hair colour. They wanted to fill the gap between expensive salon hair colour and one-size-fits-all boxed dye. Enter eSalon, a brand that creates custom home hair colour for women. Ten successful years later, the founders are back at it again with Colorsmith—custom home hair colour for men, made for you and no one else. When your hair colour fits like a glove, you feel like your best self every day. Get ready for a new way to colour, with everything you need delivered to your door.

How we do it.

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Tailored to you, custom hair dye dispensed in minutes

Colour meets tech.

Our engineers and coders crafted a language of colour. Variations of shades and tones are represented by characters and symbols that are then sent to our colour-mixing machine. Because to make custom colour on-demand at this scale, we had to make custom tech. Our colour-mixing machine individually fills each bottle with exact pigments down to the last drop for totally custom men’s hair colour.

To face the challenge of creating hundreds of thousands of bottles with different formulas, every piece of our machine had to be modified or completely built from scratch. There is nothing else like it.
Thomas MacNeil CTO
Thomas M.

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Expert colorist analyzing hair color swatches

Guided by experts.

It’s not just an algorithm that crafts your colour. We have real live colourists in our HQ from top schools and salons doing the work. Our colourists have a unique way of looking at hair colour. Instead of eyeballing and hand-mixing complicated combinations of tones, they mix colour virtually for super-precise results. Plus, they’re available to call, email, or chat for tips, tricks, adjustments, and extra guidance.

The best part of Colorsmith is that you are not in this alone! Our team of licensed colourists are here to help you every step of the way to give you natural-looking results. There is nothing more satisfying than preventing men’s hair colour from looking like shoe polish.
Stephanos - Colorsmith Colorist
Stephanos A.

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Close up of individually crafted hair color dye

Personalised to you
with results.

Every colour formula is totally custom made and arrives labelled with your name on it. You’ll also get personalised instructions that tell you exactly how to apply your colour at home, based on your hair length and colour goal. Even after your order ships, your colourist loads your online account with quick tips and how-to videos to help you keep your colour looking good. Whether you’re covering up premature greys or going grey gradually, we’ll help you get that natural look you want. We guarantee it.

Discover custom home hair colour.

Easy home hair colour made just for you.
You’ve got this—we can help.

Colorsmith crafts custom home hair color for men and delivers it to your door

Tell us about your colour goals.

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